I’m a self taught mobile developer who began the dive into programming in 2016.  Since then I’ve successfully grown into managing app releases to over 1 million users.  While there were lots of online resources I was able to take advantage of when getting started, the journey was anything but a straight line.  Full days were spent researching issues that possibly could have been solved in a matter of minutes if the right resource was available.

FreeMobileTutorials.com’s mission is to pay it forward to anyone trying to make the same career shift that I did.  Whether you want to make it a full time gig, or just want to have a hobby on the side, this is for you. My mission is to provide informative posts that can set absolutely anyone up for success as long as they have the drive.

These posts dive deep into mobile development while simultaneously explaining things in layman’s terms. The end goal being to create a go-to resource for anything you as a developer may need assistance with, but still setting you up to progress on your own.

Feel free to ask questions on any post or request tutorials on specific topics.  The whole point of this site is to give you what you need for top tier development skills.

I believe in free education, but this also takes a lot of time to produce. So if you find this work helpful and are willing to donate a cup of coffee to keep me going, my PayPal is mhighsm1@slu.edu.

Let’s build something together.