How To Avoid Unnecessary App Releases

How To Avoid Unnecessary App Releases Here’s a scenario for you: You’ve built an app now being used by thousands of people.  It’s a huge success, but you want to really make it pop with some live updates.  Let’s say on Halloween you want your app to be black and orange, but on Christmas you want users to see red and green.  There’s a really … Continue reading How To Avoid Unnecessary App Releases

Google Maps SDKrash

Google Maps SDKrash Last weekend panic struck apps around the world.  In a nightmarish turn for any developer, every app using Google Maps crashed.  Not just once, but every time it attempted to load a map.  The result being if an app launched the Maps SDK on launch, 0% of users could open it.  Not. Good. Fallout and Recovery: A little while after the crisis … Continue reading Google Maps SDKrash